2016 Pong Beneficiary: Up! International





(Pong Partner since 2016)

Location:South East Asia

Organisation Description: Up! International focus on providing support to mariginalised communities who are vulnerable to violence and exploitation.

Project Focus: Research, Prevention

Project Description: The 2016 Pong are partnering with Up! to undertake a professional research project investigating the needs and vulnerabilities of street children living and working along the Thai-Cambodian border. This research team have completed several research projects in cities throughout South East Asia in order to learn more about young people who are vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking.

Comment from Ping Pong-A-Thon Director: ‘The themes, data and information emerging from these research projects are helping NGO’s, government departments, local police and other interested parties to better understand the factors that lead to exploitation and trafficking of vulnerable young people and the needs these young people have. This is resulting in higher quality of resourcing, services, care and the creation of new education and employment opportunities for these young people. Quality research is a vital component of The Pong’s strategic approach in the prevention of trafficking and exploitation. We are delighted to welcome Up! into our partner mix’.