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The 2017 Ping Pong-A-Thon General Info PDF contains all of The Pong event basics and is designed for key stakeholders of a community who are considering hosting a Pong event. DOWNLOAD (6MB file).

Is this event just for boys/men?

The PONG started as an experiment to engage the hearts of men on issues of justice.  Men are clearly a huge part of the problem when it comes to sexual exploitation of human beings.  But men seem to be often absent or under-represented when it comes to taking action or being part of the solution.  Trafficking and exploitation are issues that everyone should be aware of and doing something about, regardless of gender.  The Pong will continue to focus on engaging boys and men as it’s key participant demographic, however, we warmly welcome girls and women to get involved in The Pong by encouraging and sponsoring the important men in their lives (husband, sons, boyfriend, friends, etc) to participate, to ‘like’ our Facebook page and help create a buzz about the event. We have also encouraged all event organisers to open up part or all of the event to the direct participation of girls/women too!

What do I actually have to do to participate?

1. REGISTER ONLINE – You can do so as an individual or create a team and invite other guys to join in. You’ll be asked to choose your preferred venue and playing time, (minimum commitment is a one x three hour playing timeslot) and your personal fundraising webpage will be created! Registrations for the 2017 campaign open in August 2017.
2. GATHER SPONSORS – Ask your family, friends, work colleagues or school mates to sponsor/donate. We make this really easy. Check out PONG PARTICIPANT TIPS
3. PLAY SOME PING PONG – Turn up on the day at your event venue, have heaps of fun, make some mates and be a part of changing the lives of some of the world’s most exploited young people!

Are there any restrictions on the participation of children? What are the conditions for participating in the event?

We have had participants in previous years aged from 6 years of age through to 100 years of age! If you’re an adult you’ll be asked during the registration process to consent to the Pong Event Participation Waiver (Adults).

For very young participants we recommend participation as a father/son or older brother/younger brother team. This is a great opportunity for dads to bond with their son and help cultivate their heart for justice and compassion. We do recommend that an age appropriate explanation of the event and the issues that the event is about take place prior to arrival at the venue. A clip that speaks to the issues of human trafficking and exploitation of young people is shown at the beginning of a participants three hour time slot. The clip is not explicit but does speak to themes that some parents may consider to be inappropriate for their child. It is fine for a young person to skip the clip and get straight into the table tennis.

If you have a child participating in the event, please read the Participation of Minors Policy and Parental Waiver/Consent to ensure you understand what is required regarding the participation of any child in your care.

Are donations to the Ping Pong-A-Thon tax deductible?


So how did the Ping Pong-A-Thon come about?

In January 2010, an everyday Aussie bloke spent two weeks in Thailand seeing firsthand the horrendous injustice associated with the trafficking and exploitation of children and teenagers. He returned to Australia feeling totally overwhelmed by the vastness of the problem but knowing that he had to do ‘something’ in response. In the months that followed he became more and more convinced of the vital role that men have to play in being part of the solution to a problem that is fueled by the lust and greed of men.

The event was piloted in November 2011, attended by fifteen blokes, who kept the ping pong bouncing for 24 hours, raising $10,000. It was an incredible success as awareness for the cause was strengthened by these men as they engaged their friends, families and church communities on these issues.

How are organisations receiving funds raised through the event chosen?  

Each organisation receiving funding through The Pong has undergone an extensive application process.  Each has been personally visited by a member of the Ping Pong-A-Thon team.  Funding recipient partners are required to report on use of funds bi-annually and will receive an annual visit from a member of the Ping Pong-A-Thon team.  Ping Pong-A-Thon are committed to building relationship with their partner organisations, providing support, consultative services and other practical support in addition to funding of projects.

How do I go about hosting a Pong venue?

A Ping Pong-A-Thon venue is typically established by a passionate, organised individual who has the backing of a community group (e.g. church, sporting club, workplace, school/uni) who are willing to host and promote the event. Pong venues have been started by a range of people (our youngest organiser was 13 years of age). Pong HQ provide event organisers with a wide range of resources (including event organiser manual & media engagement resources) and support/advise throughout the campaign. For further info about hosting a venue CONTACT Pong HQ.

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