Funds raised through The 2015 PONG supported eight amazing organisations. Here’s a highlight from each of our Partners work in the last 12 months, (made possible in part by The Pong). The ‘numbers’ don’t adequately reflect the significance of just one life truly changed.

– 130 children, teenagers and young adults in the north of Thailand at high-risk of trafficking/exploitation continued to receive educational scholarships, mentorship, after-school programs and community awareness programs that significantly decrease their risk of future-exploitation. School drop-out rates have decreased from 60% to 6.5% in this community (Pong Partner, The Sold Project).

– Young men continue to exit the exploitation of the red-light districts in Phnom Penh, Cambodia to enter an innovative tour-guide training/job program (Pong Partner, Hard Places Community).

– Several girls were empowered to exit the bars of Bangkok. They are living in a safe, caring environment with access to counseling, vocational training and support in completing high school, (Pong Partner, Home of New Beginnings).

– 590 teenage boys in Thailand’s red-light districts received support/service provision, twenty enrolling in education programs, 23 transitioning into alternative employment, 76 receiving health/medical services, (Pong Partner, Urban Light).

– A professional research project is nearing completion that is assessing the needs and experiences of street children in Thailand who are highly vulnerable to being trafficked/exploited. This project is already providing valuable information for NGO’s, government and other organisations who serve these vulnerable young people (Pong Partner, Love 146/Up! International).

– A new social worker strengthened the support services, counselling and educational classes provided to a community of ladyboys in Bangkok who are leaving the sex industry behind, (Pong Partner Dton Naam).

– Workshops equipped social workers, carers, NGO staff, parents, students and teachers about issues of sexual abuse in Cambodia, (Pong Partner, First Step Cambodia).

– A 79% decrease in the availability of minors for commercial sexual exploitation in Cebu, The Philippines has been achieved in the 4 years that Pong Partner IJM have been strengthening the legal system in that region, (Pong Partner, IJM Australia)

– Two motorbikes have been purchased and are being used to rescue exploited children in Laos. (Pong Partner, Destiny Rescue)

1500 everyday Aussie boys/men became advocates for some of the planet’s most vulnerable and exploited young people, raising awareness among family/friends, work/school mates around issues of trafficking and sexual exploitation. Many of these men, have taken further steps since the 2015 Pong to continue taking action on these issues.

Imagine the impact the Pong will have as the movement grows. Join in! Do your bit!
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