Vision & History of The Pong


The Pong is a dynamic and fun twenty-four hour table tennis event that runs in venues across Australia every October. Participants sign up to play for a minimum of three hours of table tennis at their venue of choice and invite their family/friends to sponsor their efforts.

Ping Pong-A-Thon partners in the work of creative, passionate and innovative organisations who are committed to supporting, equipping and nurturing the lives of young people impacted by human trafficking and exploitation in South East Asia.


Ping Pong-A-Thon events began in 2011 when one passionate Aussie bloke gathered 15 mates for the first 24 hour table tennis marathon.  They raised $10,000, which supported the work of two organisations in Thailand engaged in prevention and aftercare relating to issues of trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Sixty men raised $25,000 and in the process become better equipped as advocates for some of the world’s most vulnerable and exploited people. Funds enabled the continued growth and expansion of The Sold Project and Urban Light in Thailand.

Five event venues. $56,000 raised. 260 boys/men (from 9 to 78 years of age) participated. The Pong supported the work of seven organisations throughout South East Asia who were creatively supporting the hopes and dreams of young people impacted by injustice/exploitation.

800 boys/men participated at 24 venues throughout Australia, raising $110,000.
Venues in Tasmania and New South Wales were included in the event for the first time.

The Pong became a truly national event with venues in all Australian states.
1,500 participants at 41 venues raised $203,000.
Venues included churches, schools, sporting clubs, open air community spaces & a local pub!
While keeping the original vision of the Pong strong (engaging the hearts of boys and men as advocates on issues of trafficking and exploitation), The Pong opened up to the direct participation of girls and women for the first time.

Ping Pong-A-Thon became tax deductible for Australian donors.
2,000 people at 60 venues Australia-wide raised $350,000.
Venues were hosted for the first time by corporates, universities and table tennis clubs.


In October 2017, it is anticipated that 3,000+ participants will engage in the event pushing the total funds raised by The Pong (2011-2017) well over $1,000,000.
2017 will also see the first international Pong venues established and increasing levels of support from corporate partners.
The foundational focus of The Pong remains supporting and resourcing our partner organisations in South East Asia in their vital human trafficking/exploitation prevention and aftercare work.